Logo Transitions

Logo redesign can be a daunting undertaking, and it requires specialists. At 11 Street Media, our team of graphic designers have extensive experience in the logo design space. We take the concept of logo redesign seriously; through deep client engagement sessions, we come up with several iterations to achieve the most successful brand transformation — culminating in a final decision that both parties are proud of. Check out some of our before and after design work below – our design concepts speak for themselves!

Use the sliders below to see each logo’s before & after:

Before After Lincoln Associates Logo Redesign & Branding - Old LogoLincoln Associates

Lincoln Associates

Our suggestion was to give Lincoln Associates a more modern – sleeker look.  We incorporated the L in the brand and reformatted the font to deliver Lincoln a logo that will last decades! 

Before After Premier Tour and Travel Logo - BeforePremier Tour and Travel Logo

Premier Tour and Travel

With Premier Tour and Travel we suggested to them to change the logo design completely as we felt their original logo looked very dated.  They are a “fun based” student tour and travel company that needed a logo that reflected fun and travel.  Mission Accomplished!

Before After United Green Building Solutions Logo - BeforeUnited Building Automation

United Building Automation

We completely changed the name and brand with United Green Building Solutions.  They’re a building automation company that needed a rebrand that reflected that.  We gave the several names to work with and they fell in love with United Building Automation – “Innovation in Smart Technology”.   The Logo reflects a building – wires and a network.  We’re proud of this one!

Before After Cross Fit Rome Logo - BeforeRome Strength and Fitness

Rome Strength and Fitness

Cross Fit Rome wanted a new division to their fitness facility.  We developed the name and logo Rome Strength and Fitness!  It’s an outstanding logo that just looks tough!   

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