Business Transformation Services

Financial Performance

Our meeting will be a comprehensive examination of your business performance. We’ll take an in-depth look back at the trends that had positive or negative impacts on revenue, then analyze how those profits were converted to cash flow. With our destination clearly outlined, we’ll set tangible goals for growth and profitability with realistic timelines – serving as a foundation for executing strategic plans moving forward. The goal is simple: boost top line sales resulting in higher levels of productivity and increased financial success down the road!

Sales Structure

Unleash your sales team’s full potential. With the right structure, productivity soars and account coverage reaches new heights – whether you work with a centralized or decentralized force, inside or outside reps, rookies or veterans. It’s time to nurture excellence in every area of your business!

Seller Coaching

Everyone knows that when it comes to driving sales, numbers and performance data alone aren’t enough. At 11 Street we offer more than just analysis of past results – with our team’s proven methods you will not only increase productivity in the present but also build a harmonious and strong workplace culture among your sellers. By empowering them to hold themselves accountable while remaining mutually supportive towards one another, you as leadership can boost their efficiency even further! Our tools are surefire solutions for cultivating sustained success both on an individual level within each seller as well as across teams striving toward shared objectives.

Group Sales Training

With 11 Street Media’s client services, your team can benefit from bi-monthly sales training sessions hosted by Founder and CEO Gary Pizzati. As a seasoned expert in the field of digital media marketing with decades’ worth of experience coaching countless sellers nationwide on techniques to boost their numbers, we are more than just another service provider – our goal is to become an extension of your business as trusted partners that stand shoulder to shoulder in driving top line results That means equipping each member of your staff with essential skills such as effective prospecting, persuasive presenting and closing confidently – everything they need for continued success across retail market segments or inside/outside selling arenas.

Transforming Managers to Leaders

Leadership is the driving force behind organizational success, leaving no room for error. “The Law of the Lid” from John C. Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,” speaks specifically to this notion – that leadership capability directly impacts an organization’s potential performance and results in either exponential growth or stagnant stagnation accordingly. Investing proudly in developing leaders has become a top priority among many companies today as they understand their capability ultimately determines their future productivity levels and overall profitability amidst ongoing volatility within uncertain markets – making strong leader development vital for long-term progress! 11 Street Media has decades of this experience and will work directly with your management team to transform them to amazing leaders!

Human Resource Audit

Our people are our biggest resource.   We will work directly with your HR department to ensure the following are operating efficiently.

  • Hiring policies, procedures
  • Onboarding policy and procedures
  • Disciplinary timelines / proper documentation
  • Termination policies, procedures
  • Guidance in compliance with: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other employment related laws.
  • Employee file creation and upkeep
  • Employee handbook review if applicable

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