Current advertising spend vs results

Part of our client on-boarding is a full review of your advertising history over the past 12 – 24 months. We’ll examine the dollars spent and where, versus your sales during that same period.  At 11 Street, we’ll continually scrutinize what has or has not worked and then look for strategic and efficient ways to maximize every dollar spent. To connect you with the right consumers and to build your brand takes time, but also takes precise placement. Our goal is to efficiently use traditional and new media within your budget parameters, closely monitor results weekly and hold all media outlets accountable against promised ROI.

Traditional media placement

Bottom line, we’ve assembled a team of media buying experts to ensure your business receives the maximum impact for your investment. Regardless if we’re negotiating with network TV, radio, cable, outdoor, print or direct mail, we’ll work directly with our media partners to get you precise placement, better rate structure and multiple levels of added value to deliver a strong ROI.

Impression based media placement

In the new landscape of devices with screens, consumers choose when and where they listen or watch. It’s why we build plans based on the most logical delivery of ad content using comprehensive data about the target audience you want to reach. This approach translates to an extraordinarily hyper-focused program that drives results.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Addressable fence capabilities
  • Keyword
  • OTT
  • Behavioral
  • Category contextual targeting
  • Retargeting

Brand Extension / Content Creation

We’ll ensure the right platforms with the precise content will be used to impact the consumers we connect you with.  We’ll spend endless hours in the creative phase crafting the most effective message to impact your targeted audience.  The 11 Street team are specialists in creating specific content across all formats for significant consumer impact!

– Direct to consumer
– Traditional media messaging
– Full social engagement strategy
– Graphic design
– Complete web development
– Short and long form video either in studio or on-site.
– Accessibility to a vast selection of voice / screen actors
– Full studio animation capability

Financial analysis / P&L review / synergy breakdown

If requested, our firm will assist you in full margin analysis. Our experience in business operations and finance with companies of all sizes is vast. Our experience spans from multi-billion dollar companies, to local franchise models.  Margin expansion is our goal and our client service model will have you and your team collaborating with us on ways to increase cash flow. This is one of our core competencies at 11 Street and we’re glad to help you.

Recruitment services and full outreach training

To accomplish your revenue goals, you need the right people in the right seats. We’ve helped companies recruit hundreds of amazing people from entry level sales professionals to executive leaders. You let us know your needs and we’ll put together a plan to on board your new talent.  Part of our recruitment services is to help assess your current team with proven performance screening to ensure the right people are performing at the levels you expect. Secondly, we’ll use our established recruitment strategy that we’ve used for years to hire the superstars to take your company to the next level.

“Hire Amazing People and Amazing Things Happen”

On site event activation

Experiential is fast becoming the way marketers and consumers connect. At 11 Street Media, we have the capability to bring your business the on site events that will activate your brand and allow your customers to experience your product or service – first hand. Regardless of the size of the event needed, our team will produce your event from start to finish.

Full Social Media Management

At 11 Street Media we understand the power of social connections to help you build and enhance your brand. Social Media users grew by 300 million people from 2017 to 2018.  There is a new social media user every 10 seconds.

Through our polished social content strategy, influencer engagement, and community management experiences, we’ll show your new and raving fan base why they should love you – long term.

Capabilities: editorial-quality posts, compelling ads and more.  Just starting out?  We can set up all your platforms with ease!

Brand Activation

We breathe life in to your company story, developing branding strategies that drives your message and forms a distinct impression of your business to the busy consumer. While each phase of our work moves your brand somewhere new and exciting, we continuously infuse direction, cut through the clutter and from what we’ve learned, take your brand where you’d like it to go. We’ll cover the following 11 points:

1. Brand Strategy
2. Architecture
3. Messaging Platform
4. Engagement and Activation
5. Positioning
6. Naming
7. Visual Identity
8. Operational Integration
9. Experiential Programs
10. Significant Consumer Impact
11. Never Settle!!!!

Data – The new currency

We have access to millions of active consumers that we can easily filter down to finite behavioral statistics.  That includes gender, income, location and brand preferences. We target consumer behaviors and intenders all through our IP Data match program to continually drive impressions to impact buying patterns.  We can deliver the perfect message at the right time to the ideal audience.