Revenue / Cash Flow

The onset of our meeting will be to examine the top line and bottom line results of your business.  Historically, we’ll examine where the peaks and valleys were in revenue against previous year and what behaviors drove that performance. From there, we’ll review how that revenue converted to cash and at what gross and net margins.   As we begin with the end in mind, we’ll set your top line and cash flow goals against a realistic timeline.  Starting there is important, as our execution strategy will be framed around your goals.  The outcome of our partnership will be to substantially increase revenue and subsequently, drive higher levels of profitability for your business. 

Sales Structure

The design of your sales team is directly related to higher levels of productivity. Our goal is to ensure that the right people are operating in the right positions for maximum account coverage.  Regardless if your sales team is centralized or decentralized, an inside or outside team, newbies or veterans – the proper structure will optimize efficiency and drive performance.

Seller Coaching

Empowering your sellers to hold themselves accountable is one of the most pivotal and impactful things you can do as a sales leader or business owner. More importantly, team members must be able to hold each other accountable as they strive as a team to reach their objectives. While most companies use some form of a CRM to crunch the numbers and give up-to-the-minute productivity reports, nothing compares to your day to day interaction with each team member responsible for driving sales.  Regardless if you’re managing an inside or outside sales force, we’ll coach you and your team to better understand the activities needed to drive the result.   At 11 Street, we have proven methods that will increase productivity while simultaneously building an outstanding team culture.

Agenda Based Sales Training for all client team members

Part of our client services will be bi-monthly sales training for each member of your team. If you’re selling to retail, client services, inside or outside sales – we have the complete agenda to make your team better at prospecting, presenting, closing and servicing. Your training will be hosted by 11 Street Media Founder and CEO, Gary Pizzati. For over two decades, Gary has trained thousands of sellers from coast to coast on how to increase sales. Our goal is to be more than a firm that represents your business. We’ll become your partner and stand shoulder to shoulder with you to drive top line.  We’ll help your team become better on all aspects of the sales process to help ring the register more often!

Cash Flow Cycle

Revenue flows through a business in predictable ways. The Cash Flow Cycle analyzes how cash “flows” through your business.  We’ll spend a significant amount of time on how your revenue, expenses, receivables and credit all function.  We’ll search for more efficient workflow and processes to ensure we’re capitalizing on the revenue filling the top line.  This will involve strategic meetings with your CFO, Controller and / or members of your finance department.  As part of our services, we’ll set our sights on the margin you expect and drive to that result. 

Transforming Managers to Leaders

The Law of the Lid, the first lesson of John C. Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, teaches that the capability of an organization’s leadership is a lid on the organization’s overall performance.
Incremental effectiveness in an organization’s leadership quality can generate exponential returns, and vice versa – poor leadership can crush productivity.

If you have experience in business leadership, I’m sure you’ve seen first-hand the effect of leadership ability on organizational performance. Which explains why leadership development is the number one priority for many companies, and more is invested on leadership development than any other training category.

Developing leaders is a complex task, and those charged with developing leaders in today’s volatile, uncertain and complex world face numerous challenges. Over the past two decades, I have personally taken good managers and coached them to great leaders. The fundamental principles of leadership is framed around their ability to assemble their team, set them on a path and allow them to grow and find their way with consistent coaching and mentoring along the way.

Conversations happen each day with managers, leaders communicate.
Let us help your management team become outstanding leaders!

Human Resource Audit

Our people are our biggest resource.   We will work directly with your HR department to ensure the following are operating efficiently.

  • Hiring policies, procedures
  • Onboarding policy and procedures
  • Disciplinary timelines / proper documentation
  • Termination policies, procedures
  • Guidance in compliance with: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other employment related laws.
  • Employee file creation and upkeep
  • Employee handbook review if applicable