How I’ve Recruited Hundreds of Top Performing Sellers and Leadership on LinkedIn

Let’s go fish for the BIG fish in the BIG pond!

 “Hire amazing people and amazing things happen” 

Master my method and never miss a goal again!

Gary Pizzati  

I was in a sales management session with a group of sales leaders in Chicago asking why we were shy of adequate account coverage.  We needed three experienced sales superstars today and the process of recruitment had not begun – just yet.   The process of finding and convincing employed talent to join you is an arduous process that takes, skill, persistence, timing and sales ability.

If you’re managing a team that’s selling advertising, widgets or a service, you must have suitable coverage on key, focus, dormant and emerging accounts.  If not, you know what happens, accounts are sold to who’s in front of them.  Remember, people buy what they’re pitched.  Unless you’re Facebook, the last time I checked, you need a qualified, well trained sales team to convert prospects to customers and customers to raving fans.

While at times it’s easier to just pile on the unassigned accounts to your existing reps, that does nothing for the expansion of your business and places a choke hold on future productivity.

I’ve heard over and over from NY to LA to Boston, Miami and every city I’ve led multi million-dollar business units to profitability.  “It’s hard to find good people”  “Everyone is under a non-compete”      Yes, it is and so what?  Today we have an online Rolodex called LinkedIn that can transform you from a manager to an executive recruiter that draws in candidates like hummingbirds to nectar.

You must LinkedIn often and use it correctly.

There is a formula that’s proven.  Just ask the Market Managers and Sales Managers who are my connections from Cumulus Media that I’ve recruited or the Publishers I’ve recruited to Modern Luxury.  How did I find them?  All 100% on LinkedIn.

I remember the day I recruited two key executives to our NYC operation and another amazing leader from Los Angeles to work for us in Chicago.  Both incredible additions to our team, directly from CBS radio and both resigned the same day to work for us at Cumulus.  A former executive from CBS told me that was a tough day for them. You think?   Or the time I recruited the top sales manager away from a major media company in San Francisco and when he left and crossed the street, so did 4 of his sellers!                                            Yes, the same day!   (No non-competes in California ?)

All, I mean ALL recruited directly from LinkedIn.

Before you get all pumped up, STOP!   You must get your house in order immediately before you start recruiting.  Meaning, your profile must be compelling enough for you to start a dialog with a candidate.  Meaning, the first time you reach out to someone, they’re going right to your profile to see if you have the goods.  No profile pic? you’re done.  If they can’t see you, your prospect will be a little leery of you and lose interest.  Take a professional picture!  Your job description must also be captivating.  If you manage 21 sellers and 3 million in sales, put that in your profile.   The more granular with exciting condensed elements about your accomplishments, the better your chance to have someone want to spend time hearing about you, your company and your opportunity.

Once your house is in order – start fishing.  Step (1) – search for the candidates you want by using the search bar on the left, next to the LinkedIn logo on your home screen.   “Sellers Chicago” – once the drop down comes up, select the “people” tab.   Now, the search begins!

Once you see someone you find interesting, look at their profile.  That’s it.  Just look and keep going.   That way you can view 100 profiles in less than 90 minutes.   The line is now baited and in the water.

Step (2) Over the next few days, see who looked back.  You have 30 views back!!  Outstanding!  Remember, your profile is so buttoned up and your career is well documented, no wonder why people are curious!  Now that you have a view back, make the connection.  Wait until your view back, turns in to a connection before you swoop in.

Once connected, ask for the order!   Make sure your LinkedIn is at the Premium level which allows you plenty of views, connections and InMail opportunities.

Your InMail subject line must be engaging enough to spark interest.  My favorite I used when I was at Modern Luxury.

“Opportunity from the President of Modern Luxury”

I received nearly 95% response rate from that subject line.  Employed and qualified business professionals responded and often!

My InMail simply stated the following:

(Name), it’s great to connect with you! I’m Gary Pizzati the President / Chief Revenue Officer for (Company). Your experience and career path are very impressive. I would like to speak with you about a highly lucrative opportunity at (Company) in (Market).  We own (Brands). I would enjoy a Starbucks with you to discuss your career aspirations. If interested, please send me a text to 770-230-8211 and we can set a time to speak.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Gary Pizzati.

Simple and to the point. Keep in mind, not a call initially, just ask for a text, not a meeting yet, just a conversation.  You’re dealing with a highly regarded business professional, treat it as such.  Slow it down and being to build rapport.

I’ve always had a 10X rule.  You must have 30 potential prospects in your recruitment pipeline if you need 3 sellers.  Good luck and go find some amazing people!

Any questions or to book a recruitment seminar for your leadership team, please reach me anytime at 770-230-8211.     Gary Pizzati / CEO – 11 Street Media.

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