Reset your business to a “High Performance Sales Machine”

There are two principles a leader can influence when it comes to producing results. One, develop the strategy (or plan) and two, the proficiency to execute that strategy.  To accomplish that requires an internal behavioral change standardizing much higher levels of productivity and discipline.

That change will quickly re-set – and then transform your organization.  When executing that level of change, you need more than compliance from people, you need their commitment.  You’ve got to effect change through manageable increments.

Start by developing your plan framed around the processes you put in place to raise the game!   To get you started, you’ll need a detailed execution strategy on how and when to put plans into action!

I’ve always begun a transformation with a full special – occasion “reset” meeting with the team.  I’ve done that off-site at a location that can accommodate business and then fun, shortly after.  The presentation to the team outlines a more productive way to execute strategies, built inside targeted key performance principles.  Here are some that will initially kick the team into the next gear!

  1. Training Protocols
  2. Precise Account Management
  3. Four X Pipeline against goal
  4. Productivity measures
  5. New Business Programs
  6. New and exciting multi-platform sales opportunities
  7. Highly collaborative one on ones
  8. Full upgrade all sales / marketing collateral
  9. Curbside Coaching with each team member, often.
  10. Rewards / Consistent Contesting for team members!

The “transformation reset” is a fun and exciting time for the team to rally the objective and begin to challenge themselves to be the best.  Go for it!

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